The HTKD-Med obstetric suction cup is a simple and effective single-use device for instrumental extraction. The traction hose fixed in the center of the suction cup is housed in the tunnel provided for this purpose which allows easy insertion of the suction cup and optimal positioning on the flexion point for all fetal presentations.


Once the device is correctly positioned, the hand pump associated with the traction handle generates a vacuum which is applied to the fetal scalp, this has the consequence of stabilizing and securely fixing the head of the fetus to the suction cup.


The graduated vacuum indicator included in the handle gives a precise indication of the vacuum applied to the fetal scalp. The flexible traction cable allows freedom of movement and orientation for effective traction at the rate of maternal contractions.

Obstetric Suction Cup




Obstetric Suction Cup


Obstetric Suction Cup with Pressure Indicator


Obstetric Suction Cup for C-Section use

Packaging Unit = 1 piece

Obstetric Suction Cup

Obestetric Surgery