Single Port Laparoscopic Multi-channel Valves Sealing Channel Kit Medical Equipment consists of Soft Tissue Retractor (Abbreviation: Retractor) and Multi-channel Sealing Cap (Abbreviation: Sealing Cap). The retractor provides 360º circumferential protection and retraction for the incision. Its outer clasp can be worked as Single Hole Base and , thus forming to the Sealing Channel which can be operated by several instruments. The kit can be easily installed and removed



1. High Elasticity Fissure—Porous Membrane. Big valve can operate instruments of 12mm, 10mm and 5mm.Small valve can operate instruments of 5mm and 3mm. So it’s very convenient to provide instruments and

2. High Elasticity Valve has the characteristic of self-lubricating. The operation will be much smoother if surgical instruments are applied lubricant.

3. High Elasticity Valve Channel and Soft Shared Channel can be deformed and moved, providing more freedom for operating instruments. It’s very convenient to form a “Operation Triangle”, reducing mutual interference.

4. The Soft Shared Channel can allow curved surgical instruments of “S” and “L” shaped.

5. Except of above features, HK-FDDC-4FDXD also has rotatable channel which can provide more freedom for operation.

Sealing cap

Sealing Cap

Sealing Cap with/without single valve











Packaging Unit = 1 Set incl. single soft tissue retractor

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