One-time penetration of subcutaneous, muscular, fascia and peritoneum.

The diameter of the needle tube is 1.2-2.1mm, and the suture angle can be adjusted by manual operation under endoscopic direct vision.

Front end automatic spring grasping pliers design makes it strong to grasp the thread and freely release the thread. It is compatible with various types of sewing thread. The change from abdominal incision to abdominal puncture hole with a trocar avoids the injury of the muscles, blood vessels after the surgery and corresponding nerves in the abdominal wall and no consequences like abdominal wall weakness, and incisional hernia, or weaker motor function due to abdominal wall scarring, or corresponding skin numbness caused by the cutting of the nerves of the abdominal wall. Suitable for suture grabbing in laparoscopic surgery to achieve suture of abdominal incision or puncture hole with a trocar.

Suture Grasper Closure Device

Suture Grasper Closure Device

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Can be passed fluid



Can be passed fluid

Packaging Unit = 1 piece